18 Exciting things to do with your Friends this Summer

With summer just around the corner its time for that well deserved rest we all need after the long year. It’s also a chance to spend some quality time with our friends and loved ones! So here is a list of unique, fun and cheap (or free) things that you can do this summer with […]

Super Fast 5-minute Belly Burn to Lose Weight Quickly

Here is a super quick 5 minute exercise routine to help you burn some belly fat to slim down right in time for summer! *All gif images used to display exercises are from and belong to the creators on popsugar.com 1. 30 seconds – Jumping Jacks How to do them: Start standing with a normal […]

17 Ways to Quit Procrastinating Forever

We all know how it goes. The pile of work that needs to be done is getting bigger and bigger with all the deadlines looming ahead and as much as we so desperately want to just sit down and get it done, our brains and bodies just can’t seem to engage, You just can’t quit […]