What The Heck Should You Think of When Running?

Ever wonder what you should be thinking about when you’re running? If there are any tricks that help distract you from how difficult your runs can be? Or maybe you’re looking to find out what the pros like to invest their thoughts into. Well here are 15 things to think about when running to help […]

13 Smart Ways to Motivate Yourself To Go Running

Struggling to give yourself a reason to go on your run? Can’t seem to find the motivation to hit the trails and go running? Here are 13 really smart ways to motivate yourself to go on that run and be one set closer to your fitness goals! 1. Have a bomb-ass running playlist This makes […]

9 Ways You Can Instantly Become a Better Listener

Are you trying to become a better listener and overall better communicator? Here are 9 things you can practice to become a better listener and ultimately improve your relationships with your friends, family and colleagues. 1. Ask more questions By asking the other person questions, you achieve 2 things. One, you can get clarity for […]