5 Simple Ways You Avoid Ankle Pain While Running

Ankle pains. A runner’s worst nightmare. And if it isn’t addressed and treated on time, it can even lead you to sprain your ankle and prevent you from running for a while. So how can you avoid it? 1. Get the right shoes This part is absolutely crucial when you want to avoid any kind […]

Runners: Is Strength Training Really Necessary for you?

The age-old question of every runner ever. Is strength training really necessary if you’re a runner? We’re gonna break down what exactly strength training is and why it is (or isn’t) necessary for runners. What does running entail? Running is a cardio exercise. Cardio stands for “cardiovascular” which means it targets your heart. So you’re […]

9 Guaranteed Steps On Becoming a Better Communicator

Knowing how to communicate effectively is the key to any relationship. Whether you’re giving a presentation at work, working out a disagreement with your significant other, or just having a chat with a friend, knowing how to articulate your ideas as well as listen to the ideas of others is simply crucial. But that doesn’t […]