15 Blog Niches That Will Make You MONEY | 90+ BLOG IDEAS

Let’s be real, starting a blog can be pretty daunting. Not to mention the endless arrays of decisions you have to make. Which hosting site do you use? What theme do you use? How do you advertise your posts? But let’s not forget the absolute fundamental basics of what it means to start a blog.

What is your blog about?

More often than not, we think of one simple, vague area we want to focus on and assume that’s all there is and launch into the technicalities of our blogs. However, as temporary as that fix may seem, sometimes it’s more worthwhile to get your head down and really figure out what kind of content you want to create for your readers.

Why should your readers read your content?

Going into the world of blogging as a beginner is scary enough, but not having a clear cut idea of your identity as a blog can get leave you in a confused place pretty quickly – more confusion means less money. And for those of you starting blogs looking to make money, this is the last place you want to be.

So here are 15 blog niches to enter into that will guarantee you a place, profit and an audience that wants to consume your content. Plus! Bonus topics for each niche to focus on and really know what you’re doing so you’re ahead of the game before you even begin! Feel free to mix and match multiple of these ideas to make sure you’re creating quality content.

1. Cooking

  • A blog on home-cooked, comfort eating meals
  • A blog on baked goods
  • A blog on diet-specific recipes/meals (e.g. vegan meals, dairy-free meals, gluten-free meals)
  • A blog on foods from a specific cuisine (e.g. Italian, Japanese, Korean, French etc.)
  • A blog for food cooked a certain way (e.g. Oven, Grilled food, Non-heat food)
  • A blog where you share recipes that you try with your readers as a beginner cook
  • A blog for recipes for a specific mealtime (e.g. dinner recipes)
  • A blog where you focus on outdoor cooking (maybe you can try camping style meals or bonfire foods)

2. Fitness

  • A blog focused on one specific exercise (e.g. Running, Weight Lifting, Pilates etc.)
  • A blog where you take your readers on a fitness journey with you if you’re starting off as a beginner. (this is great to really build a personal relationship with your readers and build trust)
  • food/fitness blog where you discuss healthy eating and share healthy recipes
  • motivation fitness blog where you share stories and fitness results
  • A blog where you explore different workouts/styles of working out

3. Fashion

  • A blog that looks at fashion trends
  • A look book style blog where you create outfit combinations
  • A seasonal blog where you create outfit combinations for the season
  • budget fashion blog  where you recommend affordable and chic fits
  • A blog where you recommend clothing stores/brands
  • thrifting blog with DIY clothing customization
  • An accessories blog focused on accessories in a certain price range

4. Travel

(Great for those of you that like to travel and do it often, or if not you can base your travel blog on the place you live in)

  • A blog where you take your readers on your travel adventures with you
  • A blog where you focus on travelling around a specific continent (e.g. Travels around Europe)
  • A blog where you focus on travelling around a specific country (e.g. Travels around China)
  • travel recommendation blog highlighting things to do for your readers
  • food/travel blog focusing primarily on foods to try from different countries/cultures
  • nature/travel blog where you focus mainly on places with lots of nature
  • budget travelling blog where you plan fun trips for your readers to go on while saving money
  • culture/travel blog where you focus on learning about and experiencing cultures of different places to share with your readers
  • photography/travel blog where you take amazing photos on your travels to share with your viewers (each photograph can have a story)

5. Beauty

  • A blog where you focus on skincare related topics only (products, tips & tricks, myths & facts etc.)
  • A blog where you focus on haircare related topics only (products, tips & tricks, myths & facts etc.)
  • A blog where you share DIY home remedies for beauty-related problems (acne, dandruff etc.)
  • product review blog for beauty products
  • makeup blog where you share products and makeup looks to try

6. Reviews

  • A blog where you give movie reviews and recommendations
  • A blog where you give TV Show reviews and recommendations
  • A blog where you give book reviews and recommendations
  • product review blog looking at products/comparing products in a specific market (e.g. digital products)
  • A blog with lists of movies/shows/books for readers to go through for each genre
  • food/review blog comparing recipes and dishes

7. Parenting

  • A blog for parents for a specific age range of children (e.g. newborns, toddlers, small children etc.)
  • A blog for parents on a budget with cheap product recommendations
  • food/parenting blog with meal ideas and plans for kids
  • An advice/parenting blog for struggling parents to come to
  • An information blog for new parents
  • A personal blog sharing your own experiences of parenthood with your readers

8. Home Decor

  • A blog for home decor for a specific theme (e.g. Bohemian, Industrial, Vintage, Contemporary)
  • A blog for home decor for a specific type of home (e.g. small apartments, rooftop house)
  • A blog for home decor in a specific room/area of the house (e.g. bathroom, backyard, patio)
  • budget decorating blog for readers that want to save money
  • A home decor product recommendation blog
  • DIY home decor ideas blog

9. Animals

  • A blog for owning a specific type of pet (e.g. cats, parrots, fish)
  • A blog for owning a specific type of breed (e.g. German Shepherd dogs)
  • blog for your own pet, giving your readers a personal view on how you take care of your pet
  • training blog for new pet owners
  • DIY blog for animal decor/toys etc.
  • A blog with information on specific animals/pets

10. DIY Blog Niches

(You can have a DIY blog in just about any topic/niche at all)

  • A blog with DIY projects for home/room decor idea
  • A blog with DIY lifehacks
  • A blog with pretty much any sort of project your readers can try on their own

11. Art Blog Blog Niches

  • A blog where you share your art with the world
  • A blog where you go through the process of creating your artwork step by step
  • A blog where you take your readers with you on your journey as an artist
  • A blog with advice and support for new artists

12. Gardening Blog Niches

  • A blog for gardening a specific type of plant (e.g. vegetables, flower etc.)
  • A blog for gardening during specific seasons (e.g. summer, winter, autumn, spring)
  • A blog for home gardens (e.g. backyard/indoor gardens)
  • DIY/gardening blog for creating plant arrangements as decor
  • decor/gardening blog with decor ideas using plants
  • An information blog on gardening for beginners

13. Self Development Blog Niches

  • A blog for people suffering from specific issues to do with self and support to recovery (e.g. eating disorders, depression, anxiety)
  • An organization blog with ideas on how to get more organized
  • A blog giving advice on how to attain traits (e.g. confidence, time management etc.)
  • A blog covering mental health issues and information about those + ways to cope and recover

14. Subject Blog Niches

(Any blog focusing on one specific subject in terms of education, such as the following)

  • A blog giving information/study articles on Sciences
  • A blog giving information/study articles on English Literature
  • A blog giving information/study articles on Different Languages
  • A blog giving information/study articles on Astrology
  • A blog giving information/study articles on Astronomy
  • A blog giving information/study articles on Nature
  • A blog giving information/study articles on Different Cultures

15. Advice Columns Blog Niches

(Any blog giving advice on anything, such as the following)

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Studying
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • College
  • Parenthood
  • Career (in specific areas: business, culinary etc.)
  • General Life advice

So now that you’ve decided what to write your blog on, have a look at our article on How to start a Blog! Or, go over to DreamHost right now and get hosting instantly! And that’s it! Have fun blogging!

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