5 Easy Drinks That Can Instantly Reduce Your Bloating

Bloating can be super uncomfortable and even painful at times. Bloating happens when excess gas production intervenes with the movement of muscles involved in your digestive system. It can be caused by lots of things, like poor eating habits, drinking carbonated beverages or eating foods that are gassy or high in lactose. So here are […]

What Foods Should You Eat To Get A Flat Stomach?

Getting a flat stomach is about more than just exercise – it is about diet too. So what should you eat to get a flat stomach? The key is to pick foods that reduce your bloating as well as help you utilize and burn your fat. Your midsection is where most of your digestive organs […]

11 Superior Foods That Improve Your Brain Function

Did you know that the brain uses up around 20% of the body’s calories? That’s a lot! So the foods you are eating do in fact play a big role in how well (or unwell) your brain is functioning. There are certain foods you can add to your diet to aid your brain in short […]

17 Super Foods that Make you Burn Fat

Diets can be exhausting. Especially when all they seem to talk about is what you can’t eat. No sugar, no carbs, no glucose, no red meats, no dairy, no this, no that just no, no, no and no again. Before you know it you’re already burnt out in only a few days from starting and […]

15 Healthy Foods You MUST Add To Your Diet If You Run

As many fitness “masters” will often tell you, the actual working out is only one part of the whole story. And that’s completely true! When it comes to fitness and health, more often than not, our performance can depend entirely on what we choose to fuel our bodies with. (Spoiler: it has to be healthy!) […]