5 Really Useful Tips To Help Improve Memory For Exams

As students get closer to finals season it becomes important that all the information learned in hours spent doing homework and 8:30 a.m. lectures is retrievable on exam day. But the problem is most of us have difficulty storing and retrieving the information from our long-term memory. So how do you solve this problem? How […]

Straight-A Student Hacks On Focusing For A Long Time

Whether you’re a student, professor, entrepreneur or employee. People of all walks of life and ages struggle with keeping focus. In this day and age with new technologies and life becoming busier as we grow older, distractions surround us.  Here are some tips on how you can keep concentrated and stay focused more easily. 1. […]

10 Ways You Can Become A Much Better Leader

Leadership is an extremely important skill to have. Knowing how to be a good leader, benefits you in all aspects of your life, from your studies to your career and even down to your friendships. Especially in the workspace, sometimes you are given the opportunity to be a leader and not knowing how to be […]

15 Proven Ways to Help You Study Long Hours

Got a lot of studying to do and not enough days to do it? Well then you’re gonna have to make the most of the days you do have! Here are 15 proven ways to help you study for long hours effectively! 1. Spaced Repetition Spaced repetition is a technique that helps you actually absorb […]

15 Ways You Can Instantly Become A Much Better Writer

Are you struggling to find your rhythm as a creative writer? Can’t seem to figure out the plot or the characters? Or maybe you just have no idea what you’re doing wrong and why your writing doesn’t seem as magical and others. Well, here are 15 ways you can instantly become a much better creative […]

Why Exactly Do You Procrastinate SO Much?

Often, procrastination and laziness seem to get mixed up when in reality they’re two completely different things. Laziness is apathy towards the work you are supposed to be doing whereas when you procrastinate you know and want to get things done however just being unable to do so. There are 2 main types of procrastination: […]

17 Ways to Quit Procrastinating Forever

We all know how it goes. The pile of work that needs to be done is getting bigger and bigger with all the deadlines looming ahead and as much as we so desperately want to just sit down and get it done, our brains and bodies just can’t seem to engage, You just can’t quit […]

11 Genius Ways To Make You Study More Effectively

Studying. What a simple word, yet what a daunting feeling most students get overwhelmed by. Simply at the mere idea of having to do what appears to be quite an innocent task. With the fast-paced world, we live in today, we are, quite literally, always swarmed with a million distractions. They are in all directions […]