21 Painful Songs About Falling Out Of Love

A list of 21 of some of the most painful songs about falling out of love with someone. This is the perfect list to get you in your feels. So grab some tissues and have a listen!
(Spotify playlist link included at the end with all songs included + more!)

  1. out of love with youavery lynch
    This heart-wrenching song by Lynch goes over the feeling of slowly falling out of love with your partner for no apparent reason at all and struggling to come to terms with those feelings, knowing it will break your lover’s heart.

    “Something switched in me, you know
    Push it away, I try to let it go
    But these things never seem to go away
    Do they?”

  2. new year’s daytaylor swift
    A metaphorical song to discuss holding on to people and memories from both good and bad times. Taylor recognizes that when the ‘parties’ in her life are over and the ‘new year’ begins, such memories are all she will have left to hold on to and learn from.

    “Don’t read the last page
    But I stay when it’s hard or it’s wrong or we’re making mistakes
    I want your midnights
    But I’ll be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year’s Day”

  3. long sleevesgracie abrams
    The soft melodious song by Abrams recalls a memory of creating distance with another person and not being able to love them.

    “And if you hear me leaving in the morning
    Could you just pretend that it was only wind?
    ‘Cause I can’t love you even if I want to”

  4. when you love someonejames TW
    James TW explores the topic of divorce in his catchy ballad, from the perspective of a father explaining the changes in their family to his son.

    “Sometimes moms and dads fall out of love
    Sometimes two homes are better than one
    Some things you can’t tell your sister ’cause she’s still too young”

  5. supercutsjeremy zucker
    A catchy lighthearted beat describing the feelings of being in a toxic relationship and being too tired of the ups and downs to a point you no longer care.

    “Well, I don’t
    Don’t need a hand to hold
    Don’t need you to console me
    It’s honestly getting old”

  6. foreverlewis capaldi
    Capaldi expresses that everything is temporary, like relationships or life itself, reassuring his lover that even though its over, at least they tried.

    “Darling, nobody said that it would last forever
    That doesn’t mean we didn’t try to get there
    I never said that we would die together
    That doesn’t mean it was a lie, remember”

  7. forever’s not our thinglunadira
    This soft and sorrowful song displays the singer not only moving on from the relationship but moving on from the breakup too, leaving behind all the good and the bad.

    “I’ll fall in love with someone new
    My love will change and so will you
    We’ll never talk until we walk two different ways
    Then maybe I will see you”

  8. bye.mia smith
    This slow and grievous song by Mia highlights the pain and longing she feels for her lost lover, but it is followed by acceptance of his departure and a heavy-hearted goodbye.

    “I feel like I’m missing the other half of me
    There’s a big empty space where you used to be
    But it feels like you left a long time ago
    I guess I thought it would be harder for you to let me go”

  9. polaroid boynicole zefanya
    This song by Zefanya is about reminiscing how much her ex-lover hurt her and the struggles she faced when moving on from him along with a farewell.

    “And you still hurt me
    You hurt me
    When I loved you
    So selflessly
    Well I wish you well”

  10. too good at goodbyessam smith
    This beautiful piece by Sam Smith showcases the stages of a dying relationship where the more and more his lover hurts him the less and less Sam loves him.

    “But every time you hurt me, the less that I cry
    And every time you leave me, the quicker these tears dry
    And every time you walk out, the less I love you
    Baby, we don’t stand a chance, it’s sad but it’s true”

  11. emilyjeremy zucker & chelsea cutler
    What if one of you fell out of love and the other simply couldn’t? “Emily” is a beautiful song exploring the embers of a dying relationship.

    “So I’ll call you a liar when I am the one who’s been hiding things
    And I’ll spill all your secrets to anyone listening
    And then you complicate it by asking me if I could still believe”

  12. i don’t love you anymorethe honeysticks & rick montgomery
    This seemingly light-hearted song has the take of waking up one morning and realizing you no longer love your partner and then deciding what plans to make next in life.

    “I don’t love you– anymore
    And it just dawned on me this morning
    I don’t feel it anymore
    I hope you don’t mind me leavin”

  13. a change of heartthe 1975
    “A Change of Heart” details the stages of falling out of love with someone. When the infatuation fades, you see them for who they truly are, and not who you thought they were.

    “You used to have a face straight out of a magazine
    Now you just look like anyone
    I just had a change of heart”

  14. better offjeremy zucker & chelsea cutler
    This melodious song is about a deteriorating relationship, sung about an affair in which the lovers strongly about their relationship, but eventually realized it morphed into something less desirable.

    “I won’t turn my back
    Now that you want to
    And if there’s nothing left
    Why does it haunt you?”

  15. don’t want itzion goins
    A somber song about moving on from a painful relationship and no longer wanting to be apart of it. Goins sings about teaching yourself to stop wanting things that are bad for you.

    “No I don’t want it, don’t want it, don’t want it anymore
    All these tear drops on the floor, I don’t want it anymore”

  16. julynoah cyrus
    A beautiful and melancholy song about leaving a toxic relationship that has caused too much heartbreak.

    “So  tell me to leave
    I’ll pack my bags, get on the road
    Find someone that loves you
    Better than I do, darling, I know”

  17. i’m in love without youfinneas
    The solo song is described as a sincere and genuine outpouring of his heart, and in it he reflects on the consequences of ending a love that marked your existence.

    “I’m in love without you
    Please don’t still love me
    I’m in love without you
    But you still find a way inside my dreams”

  18. leavegnash
    A song laced with hopelessness and having given up on a toxic and rage-filled relationship and coming to terms with how its best if both parties simply walk away.

    “I’m not saying I know how to save this
    I’m just saying we’ve been here before
    You say “Do the dishes”; I admit, I’m vicious
    Now there’s broken dishes on the floor”

  19. not like falling out of love – nick wilson
    A desperate song describing the surprise, panic and confusion the singer feelings slowly realizing that he no longer loves his partner.

    ““And where is the pain
    That we’re meant to work through
    Where is the version of me
    That would run down the street
    Screamin’ for you?


  20. falling out of love with meteen suicide
    From the perspective of someone who’s lover is falling out of love with them, as they try their best to avoid the truth even though it’s always lingering close and deep down they know they can’t do anything to stop it from happening.

    “Slowly glowing from the bloom
    Let the light into the room
    Lying in bed, March 26th
    The way you run your hands all over my ribs
    Oh, I guess this is heaven

  21. one way to tokyohonne
    A light and airy tune, where one lover bids the other goodbye as they leave for Tokyo. He is struggling to say goodbye and deal with her leaving but at the same time he wishes her well.

    “City lights will blind you
    And I’m sure you’ll meet somebody
    Who can take you everywhere you wanna go
    But I hope you don’t forget me

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