22 Unique and Exciting things to do by yourself this Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s time for that well-deserved rest we all need after the long year. It’s also a chance to spend some time to yourself, recharge or utilize your energy into something new and creative! So here is a list of unique, fun and cheap (or free) things to do by yourself this summer to keep you entertained and excited!

1. Start a blog

Blogging is a great way to not only write about your passions but over time can essentially even become a stable source of income for you.

Get started right away and read our exclusive step by step guide on how to start a blog now!

2. Have a picnic on your own

As fun as picnics are with other people, going solo is a great way to enjoy the weather, eat some great food and have some quality time with yourself.

3. Complete a book reading challenge

Are you someone who loves to read? In that case, summer is the perfect time to challenge yourself in the world of books. Maybe you want to have a goal of finishing 50 books by the end of the summer. Or you want to implore yourself to read a genre you’re not used to. Maybe you wanna get to reading some classics. It’s a great way to not only have fun on your own but also step out of your comfort zone.

4. Explore your City/Town on your own

Exploring with your friends is great. But don’t underestimate the fun of exploring places on your own. Put on your sunglasses and go explore your local area. Do touristy things or visit places that you normally wouldn’t. Sometimes the best of company can be found within ourselves. It’s a perfect addition of things to do by yourself this summer!

5. Photography

Photography is a great hobby to pursue and even if you don’t want to become a professional photographer by the end of the summer, its still loads of fun! Plus you get to take lots of pictures and will be able to hold onto them for memories. If you really wanna go all out, get a polaroid camera and start a summer photo album!

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6. Learn how to cook a new cuisine

Summer is the perfect time to polish up on those cooking skills and impress your friends and family. Maybe you’ve always had an affinity for Indian cuisine. Or perhaps Japanese cuisine has always intrigued you. Now is the perfect time to learn how to make some of your favourite dishes at home!

7. Summer Scrap Book

Make a summer scrap book! Go out on adventures, explore the city, takes lots of pictures and keep tickets and receipts of places you went to as souvenirs and make a scrap book to preserve all those precious memories for many summers to come! It is also something you can easily do by yourself and still have fun!

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8. Start a garden on your own

It is time to enjoy the life of being a plant parent! You can take a trip to your local gardening store, pick up some pots, soil, seeds and some other gardening gear, and get started! Try and have a theme for your garden, whether you want to grow flowers, vegetables or herbs etc.

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9. Go on a bike ride

Going on a bike ride is the perfect was to pass some time you have to yourself. Explore the place you live, ride longer distances to places you might not usually go to. Take pictures for your scrapbook and maybe even a picnic to enjoy later. If you don’t have your own bike don’t worry! Look online for some bike rental services near your area to borrow a bike for the day.

10. Become a runner

Summer is the perfect time to become fit and get in shape. With the long days and the warm weather, maybe its time you take out those old running shoes again. Running is the perfect exercise to do by yourself – which is why it is perfect for introverts since you don’t have to socialize unless you really want to.

Read our ultimate guide on how to become a proper runner in no time!

11. Go through a movie bucket list

Are you a fan of movies? Summer is the perfect time to catch up on some of the cinematric masterpieces you might not have seen yet. Make a list of movies you want to finish by the end of the summer. Throw in some new genres, some movies you’re not familiar with seeing and maybe plenty of movies from other cultures in other languages to really broaden your movie palette this summer!

Check out our horror movie bucketlist to help you get started with yours!

12. Go thrifting on your own

Thrifting is a great way to purchase some hidden gems in the most unlikely of places while saving money as you go. So grab your bag and your wallet and head out to the thrift store, a garage sale, or even the flea market to find your next favourite pair of jeans. And it is totally something you can do by yourself without needing to bring along other people!

13. Volunteer work

Summer is the perfect time to give back to your community. Try and look for local charities or organisations that you can give a helping hand at. If you love animals you could volunteer at a dog shelter or perhaps you’re great with people and can volunteer in elderly homes or children centres!

13. Learn how to make your own clothes

Maybe you’ve got an eye for fashion and clothing and in that case, summer is the perfect time for you to work on your skills as a fashion expert. Go out and buy some fabrics or even thrifted clothes and revamp them up to make yourself exclusive trendy items of your very own limited edition clothing.

14. Redecorate your room

Who doesn’t love to redecorate now and then? It’ll be a great way to switch up your environment and give your room a new look that you’re gonna absolutely love. You can go for something simple like changing the colours of your sheets and curtains. Maybe you can bring in some candles, fairy lights and other small and beautiful items to bring some life back into your room. Or, my personal favourite, plants! The sky is your limit with this one – or in this case, a sky projector to make your room look magical. All of these setups you can easily do by yourself and have some quality one on one time with you!

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15. Write a book

If you think you’ve read quite enough of other people’s books for now, maybe it is time to consider writing your own. All you really need is a great idea and something to write on. I mean who knows, maybe by the end of the summer you’ll emerge with the next Harry Potter series.

16. Solve jigsaw puzzles on your own

Are you someone that loves a challenge and has the patience to go through with long challenges too? Maybe this summer should be packed with jigsaw puzzles for you to solve! You can start small with 100 piece puzzles and work your way up or you can just go all in and get a 1000 piece one.

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17. Watch the sunrise

This one is a much more traditional one but people tend to forget it since it includes waking up before the sun rises and no one wants to abandon the warmth of their bed. But it is absolutely worth it!

You can travel somewhere that is popular for its amazing sunrise views and grab a car in the earlier than early hours of the morning and drive there with a pancake breakfast takeaway on the way.

If waking up isn’t something you can trust yourself to do, just pull an all nighter – because I promise it’ll be worth it.

18. Discover Street food on your own

Who doesn’t love streetfood? Probably someone with a lot of issues. Summer is the perfect time to go outside and explore your local area while trying out all the different streetfood and even some of the restaurants that you haven’t been before. Afterall, how else will you find your next favourite pizza place? You can even keep a food diary of a sort to document your adventures  and talk about your experiences!

19. Learn Sewing/Embroydery

Sewing is such a fun, easy and nifty little skill to have. And the best part? You don’t even need a sewing machine. Just grab some fabrics or use some old clothes that you no longer wear, grab your sewing kit and get started! If you’re a little more artsy with your craft, maybe emboryery is the perfect hobby for you. You can find lots of videos and books on how to do both things and it’s a perfect way to pass the summer, make some cute little pieces and have an awesome skill to show off!

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20. Learn a new language

What better time will you have to polish up on some french or maybe start all new and learn some Japanese? Maybe you can learn the language of the place you’ve always wanted to travel the most to so that when you get there you’ll be able to have twice the fun after having well spent a summer learning the language!

21. Start Working out

Summer is the perfect time to become fit and get in shape. With the long days and the warm weather, maybe its time you to hit the gym or maybe even create your own home gym!

Read our article on how to make your own home gym or 7 ways to get fit for the summer!

22. Start a youtube channel

Maybe writing isn’t your think but you’ve always loved being in front of that camera. This is the perfect time to start a youtube channel and share with the world your passions. Whether you want to start a vlog channel or share your skills is completely up to you. Who knows, maybe long term you might be the next youtube star!

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