10 Minute Super Powerful Back Fat Workout (No Weights)

Back fat is one of the most stubborn fats that people have to deal with and it can be very hard to get rid of it. You might want to get rid of it for aesthetic purposes or perhaps you are trying to tone your back and help boost your body image and self-esteem. Whatever it is, here is a quick 10-minute powerful workout to help melt the fat off your back and tone your upper body!

This workout consists of 10 different exercises that you have to do for 30 seconds each. You will be doing 4 sets of the entire exercise which means you will be repeating each exercise 4 times to add to a total of 10 minutes. By keeping the exercises easy to remember and follow you will find it easier to do the exercise frequently. To know how to do the exercise properly you can read our article featuring the 10 exercises in this workout and how to do them.

A saveable image version of this workout will be available below.

*Please note that you can do all these exercises with weights or using water bottles as demonstrated in this article. However, they are not necessary.

  1. Dolphin Hold – 30 SECONDS (x4 reps)

  2. High Plank Arm Raise – 30 SECONDS (x4 reps)

  3. Plank Arm Crunch (L) – 30 SECONDS (x4 reps)

  4. Plank Arm Crunch (R) – 30 SECONDS (x4 reps)

  5. Spiderman Arm – 30 SECONDS (x4 reps)

  6. Side Arm Raises – 30 SECONDS (x4 reps)

  7. Raised Arm Crunch (L) – 30 SECONDS (x4 reps)

  8. Raised Arm Crunch (R) – 30 SECONDS (x4 reps)

  9. Arm Pull-Ins– 30 SECONDS (x4 reps)

  10. Side Arm Crunch – 30 SECONDS (x4 reps)

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