11 Running Essentials You NEED to Have If You Run

1. Fitness Tracker

An activity tracker is a great device that is very simple to wear (you simply wear it like a watch) and it tracks the distance of your runs (and your walks) as well as additional information such as heart rate, calories burnt, step counter and even a sleep tracker, to make sure you are fully aware of the toll all of your daily activities have on your body. Definitely, a runner’s essential you want to invest in!

2. Compression Running Socks

Compression socks not only add an extra layer of protection for your feet, but also help significantly reduce swelling, cramps, injury as well as any joint pain. Running is especially strenuous on the feet so it’s important to make sure our feet are as protected as they can be. And an added bonus? They reduce your recovery time!

3. Waist Pack

Waist packs are the perfect tools to help you carry all your running essentials without having to worry about dropping them anywhere or carrying something with your arms or hands. Whether it’s your phone, wallet, keys or just about any small valuable item, you simply put it in the waist pack, tie it around your waist (duh) and you’re good to go on your stress free run!

4. Ankle Weights

If you want to really work those leg muscles of yours and increase the strength training aspect of your run, ankle weights are just what you need. They’re a great way to just throw in that extra strength training and intensity without the risk of hurting yourself. And it’s super easy you just strap them to your ankles and hit the track!

5. Runner’s Leash

For those of you that run with a dog, this is one of the running essentials you must have. To keep your hands and arms free of having to clutch onto the leash, you can simply yet a running leash. You strap the leash around your waist to not only have a stress free run but to also make sure your dog doesn’t wander too far!

6. Runner’s Arm Band

If you’re someone that likes to listen to music or podcasts while running this is definitely a running essential. You simply tie the phone arm band around your arm with your phone attached and viola! All your worries about your phone falling out of your pocket or out of your waistband (because your phone doesn’t even fit in your pocket), all gone!

7. Runner’s Earbuds

Earphones can be a little annoying to use when you’re running – especially the wireless ones. They’re always at a risk of falling out and if they come with a wire it’s all over the place and they’re never quite stable enough to stay in your ear through all the running strides. The solution? Earbuds made especially for runners to make sure those little ear pieces stay where they’re supposed to and you can enjoy your run without worrying about them.

8. Hydration Backpack

Dragging along a water bottle with you can be especially annoying when you just want to enjoy your run. However hydration is equally as important! The answer is a hydration backpack – especially helpful for when you’re going on longer runs without the chance to refill. Since you’re carrying it on your back, your arms and hands don’t have to worry about the strain of carrying a water bottle for long durations.

9. Runner’s Knee Strap

If you’re someone that struggles with knee joint pains when you run, you might want to look into purchasing a knee strap. They’re perfect and small devices to help give you that extra level of protection, compression and support to make sure your joints stay intact, don’t get injured, recover faster and hold you up for longer runs.

10. Leg Compression Sleeve

Compression leg sleeves are great for reducing the swelling on your legs after a long run. They also reduce the strain your lower legs might begin to feel after long runs from fatigue. You’re less prone to leg cramps, your recovery time is quicker, it’s a great layer of extra protection for when you’re trail running and they can even help keep your legs warm in the cold weather. Need I say more?

11. Weighted Vest

A weighted vest is a great way to increase the strength training aspect of your run. Because it is a vest, it is usually less of a strain as compared to ankle weights that really push those leg muscles and they’re super easy to wear, maintain and don’t interfere with things like your form or breathing during your run.

And there you have it! Running essentials you should definitely consider having with you on your next run! Want some more running tips? Read our article on how to have a proper running form to have an injury-free run!

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