13 Smart Ways to Motivate Yourself To Go Running

Struggling to give yourself a reason to go on your run? Can’t seem to find the motivation to hit the trails and go running? Here are 13 really smart ways to motivate yourself to go on that run and be one set closer to your fitness goals!

1. Have a bomb-ass running playlist

This makes all the difference. Seriously. A great way to motivate yourself is to have a running playlist you’re excited to listen to. So on the days you just absolutely don’t feel like moving, the idea of getting to listen to your immaculate selection of music will be just enough to get up.

2. Wear your running clothes first thing in the morning

Instead of your normal bra, put on your sports bra. Or wear your running pants. By doing this first thing in the morning you’re already mentally engaging and preparing yourself to go on that run, even if it is many hours later. By the time the workout does come, you’ve already been buttered up all day long. And since you already have your running clothes on (and have been wearing them all day) you might as well put them to use.

3. Make your next workout unexpected

The same things get tedious. A great way to motivate yourself is to change it up! Read our article on , 13 ways to have the most fun on your next run to see how you can change up your routine with something new!

4. Podcasts & Audiobooks

Dedicate your running time to being able to listen to your favourite audiobook or podcast. That way, whether you wanna run or not, you just have to find out what happens in the next chapter of that book you’ve been listening to. So guess its time to get up and get moving!

5. Go running with people that motivate you

Even if they’re not necessarily running with you and just sit on the sidelines cheering you on that’s perfect. The power of positive reinforcement is undeniable! So surround yourself with positive energy and watch your own energy change into being more productive!

6. Pretend you’re in the middle of a marathon

You’re gonna feel a giant surge of motivation and dedication if you feel like you’re running a one time give all marathon. Maybe the philosophy of “Run every run like it’s your last” works after all.

7. Remind yourself how great that runner’s high feels

Remember that rush? That thrilling rush of endorphins that make your toes curl and all that running pain worth it? Yeah. Do it for that.

8. Ask yourself “Will I regret skipping this run?”

Chances are, its a big yes. We’re all running with goals. Whether it is to get stronger or fitter or look a certain way. Regret is an awful feeling and pretty quickly you’ll make the choice to not put future you through that.

9. Put on your running shoes

Running shoes are quite magical if you ask me. Something about the way they fit around your foot so perfectly and all of a sudden you’re ready to start bounding off into the horizon.

10. Run with a dog!

Tying your workout with your pet’s workout is a great way to add responsibility. For example, if you go on runs with your dog, even on days where you don’t feel like going on a run, you’ll know that your dog still needs it and by placing your animal’s needs above your own, you will certainly reap the rewards.

11. Opt for lower intensity

If your lack of motivation seems to be stemming from a place of fatigue and being tired, opt for lower intensity. With running, consistency is more important than intensity. So if you’re just not up for pushing yourself to the limits today, that’s okay! Opt for a lower intensity run that might be shorter or on an easier trail, and allow your body well-needed rest.

12. Use a fitness tracker

This works exactly as tracking your successes would. By having visual numbers of calories you’ve burned or steps you’ve walked or the distance you’ve run, you might just find yourself motivated to make sure those numbers stay within a certain rage every day.

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13. Think about how much stronger you’re getting

Remind yourself how much easier your runs have been feeling lately, all that definition you’re starting to develop around your body, how much more you’re able to do every time. It is a direct result of all your hard work. When you have a glimpse of your successes it is usually easier to find the motivation to keep succeeding.

Want to know what essentials you can take with you on your next run for your own ease? Read our article on 11 running essentials you MUST have if you run!

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