20+ MUST HAVES for your Affordable Home Gym

With the pandemic hanging over our heads since the beginning of 2020, it seems impossible to get back into our usual fitness schedules with all the gyms closed. So why not create our own gyms at home? Here are 20+ MUST HAVES for you to add to your home gym along with a couple of extra essentials for your alternative workouts!

1. Fitness Mat

An absolute essential when it comes to home workouts and a home gym! Perfect for ab workouts on the back and in plank position.

2. Jumping Rope

You can’t go wrong with a jumping rope. It is an amazingly effective cardio exercise that will get your heart pumping and those calories burning in no time!


3. Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is essential to keep up with all the information about your body. Whether its how many calories you’ve burned, your heart rate or the distance you’ve travelled for when doing treadmill cardio, its certain a must-have for anyone that likes to keep track of their progress through numbers.


4. Fitness Dumbbells

You NEED these for a functional home gym. You can incorporate them into just about every single workout and its a fantastic and easy way to squeeze in that strength training.


5. Fitness Wrist Weights

Whether you want to wear them when doing cardio or as an extra weight when you’re already doing strength training, they’re a super easy to use and handy device to give you that extra push.


6. Ankle Weights

Just like wrist weights, they’re a perfect addition to any cardio workout, whether you’re cycling, running or even jump roping.


7. Fitness Weighted Belt

A great and easy way to intensify your strength training when doing lunges, squats or even core workouts.


8. Fitness Exercise Ball

This is perfect for stimulating all the muscles in your core which is a great way to work the smaller muscles and improve your posture and balance.


9. Fitness Bosu Balance Trainer

Similar effects to the exercise ball, with a half-sphere and a flat surface it is easier than the alternative but will allow you to reap all the benefits of an engaged core and a better posture.

 10. Hands-free dog leash

For the dog lovers out there that want to take their home workout to the streets, a training hands-free leash is a perfect way to exercise with your pet without being worried about the leash.


11. Arm Band

An absolute essential for all runners out there but if you need to keep your phone close with you during your indoor workout, this is the best way to keep it with you at all times – attached to your arm!


12. Fitness Waist Pack

Another favourite for the outdoor lovers, whether you’re going on a run or a hike or something a little far from the comforts of your home, a waist pack is a perfect way to keep your essentials safe without having to carry anything big and annoying that’s always at the risk of getting lost.


13. Fitness Resistance Bands

A quick and easy fix to bring up the intensity of your leg and arm workouts. Super small and compact and great to take with you even if you’re travelling!


14. Pushup Stand

Really wanna perfect those pushups and work on your upper body strength? The pushup stand is a fantastic way to engage your core and arm muscles and help you maintain proper form.


15. Kettlebell Weights

Typically the next level up after dumbells, perfect to use when doing leg workouts, a great addition to your squats and lunges to reach your fitness goals!


16. Water Bottle

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Make sure to get a sustainable water bottle that can retain the perfect temperature of the water that you need during your workouts!


17. Sports gym towel

It’s worthwhile investing in a towel that is made to handle all that sweat. And besides, the more you sweat the better the workout.


18. Fitness compression knee sleeve

If you have any issues with your joints or need extra protection, the knee compressor is the solution to all your problems so you can have a carefree and safe workout!


19. Fitness Ab roller

Tired of boring old planks? Upgrade to an ab roller to really feel the full intensity of your ab workouts and give your body a workout to remember!


20. Wrist compression gloves

If you have any issues with your joints or need extra protection on your hands and wrist, the wrist compressor is the solution to all your problems so you can have a carefree and safe workout! Oh, and it absorbs the sweat from your hands too. Sweet!


21. Indoor Cycling Bike

if you have space and the budget, this is definitely an investment you will not regret. An at-home cycling station is perfect for those that love the comforts of their home and want a fantastic cardio workout.


22. Weighted Vest

Whether you’re doing drills, cardio or strength training this will certainly get you feeling the intensity in no time.


23. Fitness Weight Bench

If you’re setting up an at-home gym, this is essential. It is perfect for leg workouts, glutes, abs and just about everything you could possibly need to work on!


24. Fitness Core Trainer

Bored of the plank position? This is much more fun and versatile way to really engage and work on your core with added intensity and fun features to make the most of your workout.

Are you a runner wondering what essentials you need for your runs? Read our article on 11 essentials you NEED to have if you run!

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