29 Easy Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout!

1. Tell yourself you just have to do the warm-up

Put on your workout clothes and your workout shoes all while telling yourself its just the warm-up! Easy peasy! Just the warm-up and you’re done! By the time you’re actually done with the warm-up chances are you’ll be compelled to do the actual workout since you’ve already started.

2.Think about the version of yourself you will be 3 months from now

Imagine that person. What would they look like? How would they feel? How amazing would it feel to be them having progressed so much through so much hard work? That’s right. One workout is one workout closer to being that person, and with that in mind quitting simply isn’t an option.

3. Train with friends

A great way to motivate yourself is to train with friends. When you’re training with other people you’re less likely to back out just because you don’t feel like it. Plus friends can be an incredible way to motivate and positively impact yourself. So chances are your mood of not wanting to workout will soon change into enjoying a great workout!

4. Fit in your workout with something that you love

Is rugby your passion? Do you have an affinity for cycling? Maybe you’re a hiking type of person or you like mountain climbing? Find someone that you love and fit your workout in with that. Not only will you have fun and enjoy yourself, but you’ll also always be looking forward to the next time you can do your favourite activity.

5. Have a bomb-ass workout playlist

This makes all the difference. Seriously. A great way to motivate yourself is to have a workout playlist you’re excited to listen to. So on the days you just absolutely don’t feel like moving, the idea of getting to listen to your immaculate selection of music will be just enough to get up.

6. Alter ego

Create an alter ego for yourself. A workout champion. Make this alter ego exactly the type of person you want to be. What are they like? When do they workout? How do they work out? What do they eat? Would they skip this workout? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Read our in-depth article with the exact steps on how to transform yourself into the person you want to be using the alter ego method!

7. Workout in normal clothes

Some days are just lazy days. We can’t avoid them, we can’t stop them from occurring and they seem to be slowing down all our plans. So instead of fighting with them why not adapt to them? If everything seems like a hassle and a struggle even putting on your workout clothes, then simply…don’t. Just workout in your sweats and your tank top on the carpet without your yoga mat. Something is better than nothing.

8. Wear workout clothes first thing in the morning

Instead of your normal bra, put on your sports bra. Or wear your working out bottoms. By doing this first thing in the morning you’re already mentally engaging and preparing yourself to workout, even if it is many hours later. By the time the workout does come, you’ve already been buttered up all day long by the tightness in your chest or the feeling of your sweat absorbing fabric. And since you already have your workout clothes on (and have been wearing them all day) you might as well put them to use.

9. Make your next workout unexpected

The same things get tedious. Whether you’re working out at home or going outside for runs, a great way to motivate yourself is to change it up! Follow a different workout video, learn how to have the most fun on your next run! Add in cardio or weights. Just something new.

10. Podcasts & Audiobooks

Dedicate your workout time to being able to listen to your favourite audiobook or podcast. That way, whether you wanna work out or not, you just have to find out what happens in the next chapter of that book you’ve been listening to. So guess its time to get up and get moving!

11. Workout with people that motivate you

Even if they’re not necessarily working out with you and just sit on the sidelines cheering you on that’s perfect The power of positive reinforcement is undeniable! So surround yourself with positive energy and watch your own energy change into being more productive!

12. Pretend there is a crowd and it’s going wild

You’re gonna feel pretty embarrassed dropping out before those last 5 squats if you feel like you have a stadium of people cheering you on. Sometimes a little shame mixed with positivity is all you need. A great way to motivate yourself to get through during the last hard minutes of your workout.

13. Remind yourself how great those post-workout endorphins feel

Remember that rush? That thrilling rush of endorphins that make your toes curl and all that workout pain worth it? Yeah. Do it for that.

14. Workout in groups

A great way to motivate yourself is to join a workout class or a workout group. Not only does being surrounded by other people make you less likely to opt-out and quit, if you’re an extroverted person, but the chance of getting to see your friends from your workout group and just socialize and have a good time might also overtake your anti-workout mood.

15. Ask yourself “Will I regret skipping this workout?”

Chances are, its a big yes. We’re all working out with goals. Whether it is to get stronger or fitter or look a certain way. Regret is an awful feeling and pretty quickly you’ll make the choice to not put future you through that.

16. Put on your workout clothes

Tell yourself you just have to wear your workout clothes. After they’re on chances are you’ll decide you might as well do a little workout since they’re already on.

17. Schedule your workouts before mealtimes

Another way to motivate yourself is to try to workout sometime right before you have to eat a meal. Maybe before you have your lunch or your dinner. That way you’re more likely to be determined to burn off some calories before consuming more calories. And besides, food tastes best when you feel like you’ve worked hard for it.

18. Write down your goals somewhere and come back to them when you feel like skipping

Whether you wanna add them to your notes on your phone or make a physical hard copy of them, write down a shortlist of your goals and what you want to achieve and every time you feel like skipping your workout come back to read them. You should be reminded of why this workout is so important to you and skipping just won’t seem like an option anymore.

19. Workout with a pet!

Tying your workout with your pet’s workout is a great way to add responsibility. For example, if you go on runs with your dog, even on days where you don’t feel like going on a run, you’ll know that your dog still needs it and by placing your animal’s needs above your own, you will certainly reap the rewards.

20. Reward yourself with cheat days

Tell yourself you can have a cheat day at the end of the week if you work out for x hours or x days that week and if you skip even one workout, you don’t get that cheat day anymore. All those snacks can be a great way to motivate the foodies out there and this is a great way to exercise self-control too.

21. Have a visual picture album of what you want to achieve

Go on weheartit or any other image site and create an album of motivational pictures. Whether it is your “ideal body” or just motivational quotes, having a visual board of what you want to achieve is a great way to get yourself to want to workout again.

22. Opt for lower intensity

If your lack of motivation seems to be stemming from a place of fatigue and being tired, opt for lower intensity. With working out, consistency is more important than intensity. So if you’re just not up for pushing yourself to the limits today, that’s okay! Opt for a lower intensity workout and allow your body well-needed rest.

23. Track your successes

On days that you have a fantastic workout, track it and record it. Whether you’re just marking it on your calendar or mention in your journal how great it was and how great it felt, it is worth coming back to and re-experience on days where you’re just not up for it, to remind yourself what you’re capable of.

24. Have a long term workout schedule

By planning a long term workout schedule with days you’re supposed to work out on and what your workout is supposed to be for each day, predetermined it can be hard to find reasons to skip. Besides, with a long term plan you might be more reluctant to taint it by skipping a day or messing it around so if you’re an organized person, this is definitely the trick for you.

25. Use a fitness tracker

This works exactly as tracking your successes would. By having visual numbers of calories you’ve burned or steps you’ve walked or the distance you’ve run, you might just find yourself motivated to make sure those numbers stay within a certain rage every day.

26. Workout when your favourite TV show is on

By only allowing yourself to watch one of your favourite TV shows while working out not only will you enjoy yourself a lot more during your workout but the active distraction will make that workout pass by in no time!

27. Think about how much stronger you’re getting

Remind yourself how much easier your workouts have been feeling lately, all that definition you’re starting to develop around your body, how much more you’re able to do every time. It is a direct result of all your hard work. When you have a glimpse of your successes it is usually easier to find the motivation to keep succeeding.

28. Change up your routine

Doing the same boring workout routine every day can get incredibly tedious. So change up your routine! Work out at a different time of the day. Change the location of your workout. If you work out in a specific order of exercises, switch that order around!

29. Remind yourself that even a bad workout is better than no workout

Even if you’re sluggish and tired and not bothered and only managed to do a half-assed workout with bad form and plenty of exhausted signs, give yourself a break and allow yourself to feel rewarded and accomplished anyway. Because even though it wasn’t the best of your workout sessions, you overcame your strong urge to just not work out and after all, something is better than nothing.

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