Does Running Ever Get Any Easier?

The age-old question that all running newbies have. When oh when does it get easier? And it’s a pretty reasonable question to have when you’re drenched in sweat and have your muscles constantly aching and sore. So? Does it get any easier?

The answer is. Yes.

You can exhale now. Yes, fellow runner, it does indeed get much easier.

Running is hard! It really is! Even the fittest of us can end up struggling tremendously when we take on the challenge of running. It doesn’t matter how many hours we’ve spent at the gym beforehand – running gets the best of us. And that’s completely normal!

You can read our article on why exactly running is so hard to get a better understanding of what you’re dealing with!

Not only is running a cardio exercise that really gets your heart and lungs working but it is also a strength training workout. It requires you to stay focused on multiple things like your form, breathing, posture, speed, stride etc.

So, how does it get easier?

  • You’ll be more experienced. Obviously with more practice and time invested comes more experience. And we all know the value of experience. It is by far the most valuable type of lesson you can receive and will really help you decide and determine what works best for you. While advice from other people is always helpful, experiencing and learning things on your own is what will really help define you as a person – and in this case as a runner!
  • You become physically stronger. This is a pretty obvious one. As you train your muscles more and more for longer and longer distances, you’ll start to get stronger and stronger. Which makes running easier and easier because you’re able to carry yourself for longer distances without getting tired as quickly.
  • You become mentally stronger. If you ask any long term runner about the changes they see in themselves after becoming runners – the vast majority will mention something about their mental strength. Half the struggle is all in your head. As time goes on and you become more established as a runner, you’ll become stronger mentally. This will help you push through the hard days, stay motivated, focused and determined for longer durations. All of these making your run easier.
  • You’ll have more patience and resilience. We’ll all have hard days. It’s inevitable. Some days you’re going to wake up and absolutely dread the thought of putting your trainers on. And some days will just be bad. You’re gonna feel tired and fatigued and might not reach the goal you set for yourself. And that’s okay! Over time, you’ll have more patience and resilience to make sure these days don’t put you down.
  • You will start to improve other aspects of your life. For some bizarre reason, running actually makes you want to eat healthier. According to a study published in the Journal of American College Nutritian, it was found that voluntarily adopting a regular exercise routine may naturally improve fruit and vegetable consumption. What does this mean? Well basically by exercising and long term, you’re more likely to naturally crave healthier foods like fruits and vegetables. And better diet = better run!
  • Your body adapts. Just like with everything else in life, you will begin to adapt. Your body will start to get used to the strain on your lower half. You’ll naturally get better with your form and breathing. Your body will recover faster and will need less rest as you go on. That’s just how it is!
  • You’ll have better resources. As you continue on in your journey as a runner, you’ll find better recourses to help you make things easier. Whether its gagets or tools to help you achieve more specific goals during your runs they’ll certainly make things easier.

Read our article on 11 essentials you need to have if you run to see which of these resources you can add to your own routine.

Lastly, a final note to any aspiring marathon runners who are struggling to figure it out.

Are you looking to start running for a marathon?

Because boy do I have a great resource for you! Presented by Dr. Marius Bakken, a medical doctor who is also a 2 time Olympic Runner and has competed in races all over the world – The 100 Day Marathon Plan.

Being an expert in his field of running marathons he has compiled an amazingly complete package of resources filled with absolutely EVERYTHING you need when training for a marathon. From your running form, endurance, diet, even down to the perfect types of shoes to get!

It includes the following:

  • 8 different marathon training schedules based on your finishing time goal
  • Workouts based on your heart rate and specific running times so you are always training in the optimal zone without risking your health
  • 15 instructional videos where I walk you step-by-step through the schedules. 
  • 10 additional videos covering important things like how to pick the right training shoes
  • 120 content-packed pages that “walk you through” the whole marathon preparation process

It doesn’t matter what age you are or how experienced of a runner you are, The 100 Day Marathon Plan is for every single aspiring marathon runner out there. Designed specifically to fit each of your individual needs, even the runners who struggle the most will be charging across that finish line in no time!

Click here to find out more about The 100 Day Marathon Plan and become a successful marathon runner yourself!

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