50+ Easy Ways To Immediately Help You Destress

Stress can have many effects on our brains and body and none of them are good. A little stress now and then is normal and something everyone has to deal with in life. However, if you’re in a constant state of stress this can lead to chronic stress which can have serious effects long term. From hair loss to high blood pressure and obesity, trying to destress is essential. So here are 50+ ways to immediately help you destress.

  1. Take a bath
  2. Have a nap
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Pet a dog/cat
  5. Play board games with someone
  6. Go on a run
  7. Meditate
  8. Eat ice cream
  9. Journal about your day
  10. Read a book
  11. Watch a movie
  12. Drink a smoothie
  13. Go for a swim
  14. Paint some rocks
  15. Do some gardening
  16. Make some pasta
  17. Bake a cake
  18. Go for a drive
  19. Ride your bike
  20. Play in the rain
  21. Relax at the beach
  22. Give yourself a face mask
  23. Binge a TV show
  24. Do a hair mask
  25. Go out to eat
  26. Clean your house
  27. Organise your things
  28. Go thrifting
  29. Play a musical instrument
  30. Listen to some instrumental music
  31. Go to the gym for a workout session
  32. Take pictures of things
  33. Write poetry
  34. Volunteer at an animals shelter
  35. Volunteer at an elderly home
  36. Solve a jigsaw puzzle
  37. Watch the sunset/sunrise
  38. Go for a picnic
  39. Play your favourite sport
  40. Play capture the flag with your friends
  41. Go stargazing
  42. Hug a stuffed animal
  43. Do some yoga
  44. Stretch
  45. Do your makeup
  46. Decorate your room
  47. Scream into a pillow
  48. Talk to someone about your feelings
  49. Squeeze a stress ball
  50. Take your dog for a walk 
  51. Paint something
  52. Sketch something 
  53. Go sunbathing
  54. Have sex

Have a read on our article on 11 ways to help you deal with stress for more in depth help with your stress.

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