10 Ways You Can Become A Much Better Leader

Leadership is an extremely important skill to have. Knowing how to be a good leader, benefits you in all aspects of your life, from your studies to your career and even down to your friendships. Especially in the workspace, sometimes you are given the opportunity to be a leader and not knowing how to be […]

The 5 Love Languages – The Secret To Relationships

One of the biggest reasons relationships fail is because one person feels unloved by their partner. They don’t see their partner doing or investing in things that can show them that they are loved. However, one thing we’re forgetting is that everyone has a different love language…and it might not be the same as yours. […]

9 Ways You Can Instantly Become a Better Listener

Are you trying to become a better listener and overall better communicator? Here are 9 things you can practice to become a better listener and ultimately improve your relationships with your friends, family and colleagues. 1. Ask more questions By asking the other person questions, you achieve 2 things. One, you can get clarity for […]