The ULTIMATE Beginner’s guide to becoming a Real Runner!

How many times can you recall walking down the street completely in bliss without a care in the world before being overtaken by a runner. With their armbands strapped on tight and their slightly worn-out trainers looking cooler than the newest pair of air jordans; how many times have you admired that fierce look on […]

17 Benefits of Running that will make you want to Run Forever!

1. It burns calories like crazy! Seriously! The average person burns over 100 calories for every 10 minutes of running! A number of factors come into the exact number of calories you burn. Such as age, weight, height, gender as well as external factors: weather, intensity, speed etc. According to the American Council on Exercise, […]

20+ MUST HAVES for your Affordable Home Gym

With the pandemic hanging over our heads since the beginning of 2020, it seems impossible to get back into our usual fitness schedules with all the gyms closed. So why not create our own gyms at home? Here are 20+ MUST HAVES for you to add to your home gym along with a couple of […]

29 Easy Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout!

1. Tell yourself you just have to do the warm-up Put on your workout clothes and your workout shoes all while telling yourself its just the warm-up! Easy peasy! Just the warm-up and you’re done! By the time you’re actually done with the warm-up chances are you’ll be compelled to do the actual workout since […]

13 Ways to Make Your Next Run More Fun!

Going on a run is one of the most efficient forms of cardio exercise and an incredibly rewarding way to maintain a low body fat percentage. Not only does it really get your heart pumping and get that blood flowing, but it is also a fantastic way to build endurance and get all that oxygen […]

7 Easy Ways to Get FIT and Burn Fat While being AT HOME!

Are you trying to get that summer glow up? Or maybe going to the gym makes you feel insecure. Perhaps you just don’t have the time or the energy to get yourself there! Here are a bunch of ways you can melt off those inches and get back to being fit! While being at home! […]