5 Ways To Immediately Stop Your Heart Racing While Running

One of the challenges almost all runners inevitably face at some point in their running journey is managing their heart rate. Running is a cardiovascular exercise, which means it’s a workout for your heart as much as anything else. The heart is a muscle, and just like any other muscle it takes time and hard […]

10 Minute Super Powerful Back Fat Workout (No Weights)

Back fat is one of the most stubborn fats that people have to deal with and it can be very hard to get rid of it. You might want to get rid of it for aesthetic purposes or perhaps you are trying to tone your back and help boost your body image and self-esteem. Whatever […]

10 Exercises to Quickly Lose Back Fat (No Weights!)

*Please note that you can do all these exercises with weights or using water bottles as demonstrated in this article. However, they are not necessary. All images are taken from Pamela Reif’s Videos (link here) 1. Dolphin Hold Come to your hands and knees. Leave your elbows shoulder-distance apart. Keep your forearms pressed on the […]

Super Powerful 10 Minute Thigh Fat Burner Workout

Our fat distribution is a genetic factor that we cannot control. For many of us, it is difficult to lose weight from specific areas (like our thighs) – because you simply cannot target fat loss. However, there are certain low impact exercises you can use to not only burn fat but also tone muscles in […]

9 Amazing Changes You’ll See After Becoming a Runner

Here are 9 amazing changes you’ll see after becoming a runner; so that when you’re drenched in sweat wondering what all the effort is for, you can remind yourself of these changes and push yourself to keep going! 1. You’ll maintain a healthy body weight We’ve all heard the story. An amazing inspirational and determined […]

Super Fast 5-minute Belly Burn to Lose Weight Quickly

Here is a super quick 5 minute exercise routine to help you burn some belly fat to slim down right in time for summer! *All gif images used to display exercises are from and belong to the creators on popsugar.com 1. 30 seconds – Jumping Jacks How to do them: Start standing with a normal […]

17 Super Foods that Make you Burn Fat

Diets can be exhausting. Especially when all they seem to talk about is what you can’t eat. No sugar, no carbs, no glucose, no red meats, no dairy, no this, no that just no, no, no and no again. Before you know it you’re already burnt out in only a few days from starting and […]

15 Smart Ways To Make Yourself Get Fit When You’re Busy!

A much as all those fitness gurus on you see plastered all over social media like to push their agenda of “NO EXCUSES!!” and “IF YOU WANTED TO WORK OUT YOU WOULD!!”, the truth is many of us do want to work out and get fit – we simply don’t have the time. So we […]

How to have a Proper Running Form for an Injury-Free Run

Having a proper running form really pays off! Not only will be you be able to run faster, more efficiently, be more comfortable, reduce your injury risks and even your risk of fatigue to help give you one heck of a great run! 1. Eyes Ahead Not only does having your eyes glued to your […]

How to breathe properly when running

If you’re somebody who has newly indulged yourself in the world of running, chances are you’ve quite quickly come to discover the unexpected hurdle of : How the heck do you breathe properly? (so you’re not out of breath in minutes at least.) As silly as it sounds, considering the fact that breathing is the […]