5 Easy Drinks That Can Instantly Reduce Your Bloating

Bloating can be super uncomfortable and even painful at times. Bloating happens when excess gas production intervenes with the movement of muscles involved in your digestive system. It can be caused by lots of things, like poor eating habits, drinking carbonated beverages or eating foods that are gassy or high in lactose. So here are […]

Super Fast 5-minute Belly Burn to Lose Weight Quickly

Here is a super quick 5 minute exercise routine to help you burn some belly fat to slim down right in time for summer! *All gif images used to display exercises are from and belong to the creators on popsugar.com 1. 30 seconds – Jumping Jacks How to do them: Start standing with a normal […]

17 Super Foods that Make you Burn Fat

Diets can be exhausting. Especially when all they seem to talk about is what you can’t eat. No sugar, no carbs, no glucose, no red meats, no dairy, no this, no that just no, no, no and no again. Before you know it you’re already burnt out in only a few days from starting and […]

15 Smart Ways To Make Yourself Get Fit When You’re Busy!

A much as all those fitness gurus on you see plastered all over social media like to push their agenda of “NO EXCUSES!!” and “IF YOU WANTED TO WORK OUT YOU WOULD!!”, the truth is many of us do want to work out and get fit – we simply don’t have the time. So we […]

How to have a Proper Running Form for an Injury-Free Run

Having a proper running form really pays off! Not only will be you be able to run faster, more efficiently, be more comfortable, reduce your injury risks and even your risk of fatigue to help give you one heck of a great run! 1. Eyes Ahead Not only does having your eyes glued to your […]

How to breathe properly when running

If you’re somebody who has newly indulged yourself in the world of running, chances are you’ve quite quickly come to discover the unexpected hurdle of : How the heck do you breathe properly? (so you’re not out of breath in minutes at least.) As silly as it sounds, considering the fact that breathing is the […]

Should you become a Distance or Speed Runner?

So you want to be a runner? Or maybe you already are a runner – but no doubt this question has passed your mind at one point or the other on your journey as a runner. To be a speed runner, or to be a distance runner? Here is a quick rundown of what each […]

The ULTIMATE Beginner’s guide to becoming a Real Runner!

How many times can you recall walking down the street completely in bliss without a care in the world before being overtaken by a runner. With their armbands strapped on tight and their slightly worn-out trainers looking cooler than the newest pair of air jordans; how many times have you admired that fierce look on […]

17 Benefits of Running that will make you want to Run Forever!

1. It burns calories like crazy! Seriously! The average person burns over 100 calories for every 10 minutes of running! A number of factors come into the exact number of calories you burn. Such as age, weight, height, gender as well as external factors: weather, intensity, speed etc. According to the American Council on Exercise, […]

20+ MUST HAVES for your Affordable Home Gym

With the pandemic hanging over our heads since the beginning of 2020, it seems impossible to get back into our usual fitness schedules with all the gyms closed. So why not create our own gyms at home? Here are 20+ MUST HAVES for you to add to your home gym along with a couple of […]