17 Ways to Quit Procrastinating Forever

We all know how it goes. The pile of work that needs to be done is getting bigger and bigger with all the deadlines looming ahead and as much as we so desperately want to just sit down and get it done, our brains and bodies just can’t seem to engage, You just can’t quit […]

15 Smart Ways To Make Yourself Get Fit When You’re Busy!

A much as all those fitness gurus on you see plastered all over social media like to push their agenda of “NO EXCUSES!!” and “IF YOU WANTED TO WORK OUT YOU WOULD!!”, the truth is many of us do want to work out and get fit – we simply don’t have the time. So we […]

15 Healthy Foods You MUST Add To Your Diet If You Run

As many fitness “masters” will often tell you, the actual working out is only one part of the whole story. And that’s completely true! When it comes to fitness and health, more often than not, our performance can depend entirely on what we choose to fuel our bodies with. (Spoiler: it has to be healthy!) […]

11 Genius Ways To Make You Study More Effectively

Studying. What a simple word, yet what a daunting feeling most students get overwhelmed by. Simply at the mere idea of having to do what appears to be quite an innocent task. With the fast-paced world, we live in today, we are, quite literally, always swarmed with a million distractions. They are in all directions […]

17 Benefits of Running that will make you want to Run Forever!

1. It burns calories like crazy! Seriously! The average person burns over 100 calories for every 10 minutes of running! A number of factors come into the exact number of calories you burn. Such as age, weight, height, gender as well as external factors: weather, intensity, speed etc. According to the American Council on Exercise, […]

29 Easy Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout!

1. Tell yourself you just have to do the warm-up Put on your workout clothes and your workout shoes all while telling yourself its just the warm-up! Easy peasy! Just the warm-up and you’re done! By the time you’re actually done with the warm-up chances are you’ll be compelled to do the actual workout since […]

13 Ways to Make Your Next Run More Fun!

Going on a run is one of the most efficient forms of cardio exercise and an incredibly rewarding way to maintain a low body fat percentage. Not only does it really get your heart pumping and get that blood flowing, but it is also a fantastic way to build endurance and get all that oxygen […]

11 Amazing Tips to Set Goals That You Will ALWAYS Achieve!

New year, new you! That’s how it’s supposed to go anyway. An entire year has gone by and you walked out with nothing but a bag of regrets and a list of “What If’s”. But hey! The new year is right around the corner! A fresh start. A new chance to do it all over. […]