How To Stop Being Lazy and Start Getting Things Done

Laziness is something that many people struggle with. If left unchecked can lead to extreme procrastination, apathy and lack of satisfaction in life. So here is a 10 step guide to help you stop being lazy and start getting things done. Pt 1: Set better goals Setting the right goals is so important when it […]

Why Exactly Do You Procrastinate SO Much?

Often, procrastination and laziness seem to get mixed up when in reality they’re two completely different things. Laziness is apathy towards the work you are supposed to be doing whereas when you procrastinate you know and want to get things done however just being unable to do so. There are 2 main types of procrastination: […]

17 Ways to Quit Procrastinating Forever

We all know how it goes. The pile of work that needs to be done is getting bigger and bigger with all the deadlines looming ahead and as much as we so desperately want to just sit down and get it done, our brains and bodies just can’t seem to engage, You just can’t quit […]