Runner’s Knee: 8 Guaranteed Ways to Avoid or Fix it

Runner’s knee is something you hear fairly regularly in the running world. It is something that can seriously hamper your training or leave you completely sidelined. But what exactly causes this phenomenon known as the “runner’s knee” and, more importantly, how you can prevent and avoid it in the first place. What exactly is Runner’s […]

5 Simple Ways You Avoid Ankle Pain While Running

Ankle pains. A runner’s worst nightmare. And if it isn’t addressed and treated on time, it can even lead you to sprain your ankle and prevent you from running for a while. So how can you avoid it? 1. Get the right shoes This part is absolutely crucial when you want to avoid any kind […]

Does Running Ever Get Any Easier?

The age-old question that all running newbies have. When oh when does it get easier? And it’s a pretty reasonable question to have when you’re drenched in sweat and have your muscles constantly aching and sore. So? Does it get any easier? The answer is. Yes. You can exhale now. Yes, fellow runner, it does […]

11 running mistakes you’ll make as a beginner (and how to avoid them)

As everything goes, when you’re a beginner starting out at something, you are bound to make mistakes on your journey – and running is no exception. These mistakes are learning opportunities and lessons in disguise but learning these lessons beforehand can save us a lot of time and help us reach our goals much faster. […]

How to have a Proper Running Form for an Injury-Free Run

Having a proper running form really pays off! Not only will be you be able to run faster, more efficiently, be more comfortable, reduce your injury risks and even your risk of fatigue to help give you one heck of a great run! 1. Eyes Ahead Not only does having your eyes glued to your […]