5 Ways To Immediately Stop Your Heart Racing While Running

One of the challenges almost all runners inevitably face at some point in their running journey is managing their heart rate. Running is a cardiovascular exercise, which means it’s a workout for your heart as much as anything else. The heart is a muscle, and just like any other muscle it takes time and hard […]

Runner’s Knee: 8 Guaranteed Ways to Avoid or Fix it

Runner’s knee is something you hear fairly regularly in the running world. It is something that can seriously hamper your training or leave you completely sidelined. But what exactly causes this phenomenon known as the “runner’s knee” and, more importantly, how you can prevent and avoid it in the first place. What exactly is Runner’s […]

7 Things To Watch Out For When Buying Running Shoes

It is absolutely crucial to make sure you know what to look for when you’re buying running shoes. The wrong shoes not only make you much more prone to injury, but it becomes much harder to run. It can decrease your performance level immensely and make it very hard for you to reach your running […]

5 Simple Ways You Avoid Ankle Pain While Running

Ankle pains. A runner’s worst nightmare. And if it isn’t addressed and treated on time, it can even lead you to sprain your ankle and prevent you from running for a while. So how can you avoid it? 1. Get the right shoes This part is absolutely crucial when you want to avoid any kind […]

Runners: Is Strength Training Really Necessary for you?

The age-old question of every runner ever. Is strength training really necessary if you’re a runner? We’re gonna break down what exactly strength training is and why it is (or isn’t) necessary for runners. What does running entail? Running is a cardio exercise. Cardio stands for “cardiovascular” which means it targets your heart. So you’re […]

What The Heck Should You Think of When Running?

Ever wonder what you should be thinking about when you’re running? If there are any tricks that help distract you from how difficult your runs can be? Or maybe you’re looking to find out what the pros like to invest their thoughts into. Well here are 15 things to think about when running to help […]

13 Smart Ways to Motivate Yourself To Go Running

Struggling to give yourself a reason to go on your run? Can’t seem to find the motivation to hit the trails and go running? Here are 13 really smart ways to motivate yourself to go on that run and be one set closer to your fitness goals! 1. Have a bomb-ass running playlist This makes […]

Does Running Ever Get Any Easier?

The age-old question that all running newbies have. When oh when does it get easier? And it’s a pretty reasonable question to have when you’re drenched in sweat and have your muscles constantly aching and sore. So? Does it get any easier? The answer is. Yes. You can exhale now. Yes, fellow runner, it does […]

Why is Running So Hard in the First Place?

Even the fittest of us can end up struggling tremendously when we take on the challenge of running. It doesn’t matter how many hours we’ve spent at the gym beforehand – running gets the best of us. But why exactly is that? What is it about running that makes it so challenging compared to all […]

9 Amazing Changes You’ll See After Becoming a Runner

Here are 9 amazing changes you’ll see after becoming a runner; so that when you’re drenched in sweat wondering what all the effort is for, you can remind yourself of these changes and push yourself to keep going! 1. You’ll maintain a healthy body weight We’ve all heard the story. An amazing inspirational and determined […]