5 Really Useful Tips To Help Improve Memory For Exams

As students get closer to finals season it becomes important that all the information learned in hours spent doing homework and 8:30 a.m. lectures is retrievable on exam day. But the problem is most of us have difficulty storing and retrieving the information from our long-term memory. So how do you solve this problem? How […]

Straight-A Student Hacks On Focusing For A Long Time

Whether you’re a student, professor, entrepreneur or employee. People of all walks of life and ages struggle with keeping focus. In this day and age with new technologies and life becoming busier as we grow older, distractions surround us.  Here are some tips on how you can keep concentrated and stay focused more easily. 1. […]

11 Superior Foods That Improve Your Brain Function

Did you know that the brain uses up around 20% of the body’s calories? That’s a lot! So the foods you are eating do in fact play a big role in how well (or unwell) your brain is functioning. There are certain foods you can add to your diet to aid your brain in short […]